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Captain Compliance and Workplace Woman want YOU to stay safe, every day, all day. Their mission is to ensure that you have all the tools necessary to fight the villainous accidents and incidents while on the job! Arm yourself with safety training from Summit's super-powered training line-up!

Bio: Molded by STS from the hottest regulatory forces deep in the heart of all industries, Captain Compliance was born to lead companies to safety success through his rigorous regulation and guideline monitoring abilities. Even at a young age, he knew the importance of high quality EH&S training and its ability to pull organizations out of the evil grasp of accidents and incidents. He enjoys surfing the web for up-and-coming regulations, cooking up new accurate and effective training, and reading safety booklets.

Duty: Captain Compliance monitors all regulations and guidelines to ensure all training content and materials are up-to-date and are being implemented into organizations all over the world.

Bio: A long time ago, we’ll call them ‘The Unsafe Ages’, training – if any – was not being followed by the workers. It was then that Workplace Woman was forged by STS out of the necessity to ensure workers around the world were following safe EH&S practices. Her passion is to see accidents and incidents banished from her beloved workplace. Interests include: watching safety videos, long walks through various kinds workplaces, and the occasional vacation to foreign companies.

Duty: Workplace Woman works to ensure that all workplaces are following the safe work practices that were trained on, so employees and employers alike stay safe under her ever-watchful eye. No training detail goes unnoticed, no building is too big or too far to train, and no person is un-trainable. The Summit Superheroes will be with you every step of the way! In all seriousness, the real superheroes are people like you, who go out there every day, doing your job and protecting the lives of others. The Summit Superheroes would like to pay tribute to all those who have dedicated their lives to ensuring safety in the workplace.