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Combine the cost savings of on-demand streaming video with Summit’s expert video training library to day! 

Have your safety & compliance training on-demand with Summit.  With just a click of your mouse, Summit Streaming Video gives you access to our leading video library of over 300 titles, including foreign language training!

Summit’s effective streaming videos are accessible from any computer that has a web browser with 24/7 availability - it's the most effortless way we can think of to deliver EH&S video training to workers.


  • Unlimited access to Summit’s premier video library of over 300 courses

  • View from anywhere using a computer’s web browser

  • Eliminate product handling & shipping costs

  • 24/7 availability

  • Facilitator guide + quiz for downloading

  • PowerPoint Presentations

  • Basic reports available for viewing

  • Quick, easy-to-use title search function

Cost Savings:

  • Quantity discounts

  • Available where and when you need it @ the click of your mouse

  • Perfect for training multiple shifts or locations

  • Eliminate shipping and handling

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