Powerful Training Solutions

High-Quality Training for Life-Saving Results

All of Summit's environmental, health and safety training programs are created entirely here at Summit; we research, write, produce, and edit each course. Multiple format options provide you with proven and consistent content that is expertly researched for technical accuracy and use the latest adult learning theory and instructional design techniques. Each program is filmed in actual workplaces with real workers- that means no talking heads or staged production- to create stimulating visuals that increase student attention and comprehension of material presented.

Multiple Training Formats

Summit understands that each client has unique training needs, which is exactly why we offer our training in so many convenient formats. Whether you have 50 employees or 50,000, one location or 1,000, Summit's consistent, proven content can be delivered in the best fitting format for YOUR needs.

Summit also gives you the option to utilize a blended training solution with one or more of our engaging and effective formats to give your employees variety in their safety training. Choose from any and all the training solutions at Summit – from elearning, DVD, Streaming, and more – to use along with our award-winning training programs to create your very own customized training. Keep your employees safe, productive, and accident-free on the job with several formats of training all blended in to one customized solution that can be billed annually or monthly to meet your training needs.

Summit is single solution for all of your safety training needs. Choose from our extensive line of web applications, video productions, and onsite training and consulting services:

Unsurpassed Customer Service & Technical Support

Summit’s U.S. based, expert account management team goes above and beyond the sale to offer you complete customer service by being both accessible and consistent and to work with you in selecting the best solution for your training needs and goals. Our U.S. based technical support team is available 24/7 for computer-based training questions by phone, email, or via the internet during normal business hours and on call for after hours support.  Call 800.842.0466, ext. 219, or email support@safetyontheweb.com

Optimal Results that Save Lives

Summit's dedication to technical accuracy, production excellence, creativity, and innovation is without comparison. Our programs have made a positive impact to thousands of organizations by protecting the lives and health of hundreds of thousands of workers, as well as creating better business results. Our fundamental belief of serving you, the customer, with the highest quality training programs available, meeting industry needs and complying with all regulatory guidelines, enhancing the future productivity, growth, and bottom line results continues to be the strength of Summit Training Source, Inc. We recognize the audience of our programs, as well as the importance of effectiveness.

No Obstacles, No Hidden Costs... Only Regulatory Compliance

Our honest and straightforward commitment to proving you with the best training solutions at a fair price and with no hidden fees or obstacles is why over 45,000 customers worldwide have chosen Summit as their EH&S training provider. Summit's programs both comply with all current State and Federal regulations and are used by OSHA itself in the National Training Institute in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Purchasing that's Ultra-Flexible

Along with great formats come great purchasing options. With the ability to utilize different medias for training, Summit works with you to offer flexible and customizable purchasing options, including licenses and leases, to ensure you can take advantage of this super-powered training! We will work to fulfill your exact training and budget needs, because our job is to keep you and your employees safe.

Whatever the training need, Summit has the solution!