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DOT: Driver Wellness
Complies with FMCSA Parts 392, 393 and 396

In recent years there have been over 64,000 accidents involving commercial motor vehicles in the United States. Of these crashes, more than 5,000 of them involving large trucks were fatal.

Drivers face many circumstances that can negatively impact their health as a result of their occupation. The hazards can be placed into three main categories: those associated with lifestyle choices, those associated with job duties and those associated with the ergonomic factors of driving a truck. Summit's training program covers:

  • Job duties including stress, fatigue, and exposure
  • Work environment and ergonomic factors
  • Lifestyle hazards such as poor diet, smoking and hypertension
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Summit DVD 6347 English/Spanish $395.00 - 17 min.
Facilitator Guide 940 English $4.95 - -
Handbook 939 English $1.50 - -
Preview CD 1181 English Free - -