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Forever And Ever: The Lasting Consequences of Distracted Driving
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OH&S 2011 New Product of the Year Award

Summit’s Forever & Ever tells the story of a distracted driving accident that leaves an impactful and lasting message with its viewers. Based on real life situations, Forever & Ever shows how one wrong decision in one second of time can drastically change the lives of everyone involved.

This important story compels drivers of all ages to realize that when you are behind the wheel there is nothing that takes precedence over operating the vehicle safely.

Change the behavior of your employees and their families with this insightful and powerful program.

Forever And Ever includes a PowerPoint™ presentation on distracted driving prevention and a facilitator guide to assist you with leading a training session on distracted driving, including statistics, FAQs and important information for drivers.

Click here to view the movie trailer!

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Summit DVD 6499 English $395.00 - 17 min.
Preview CD 1214 English Free - 17 min.
Support Materials 498 English $89.00 - -