Summit Training Source Donates to the American Society of Safety Engineers’ Foundation for Continued Support of Safety and Health Education 1/24/2012
  Grand Rapids, MI – Part of Summit Training Source’s mission is to support research and education in the occupational safety, health and environmental (SH&E) field through several donation efforts for advancements in training. To continue their efforts, Summit contributed $5,000 to the American Society of Safety Engineers Foundation (ASSEF) this month. This grant is part of a three year pledge for a total lifetime donation to ASSEF of more than $70,000.  continue >>
  Valerie Overheul Honored as Member of ISHN’s “Power 101” 1/24/2012
  Grand Rapids, MI – Valerie Overheul was named as a leader of the environmental, health, and safety world by being chosen as a member of the International Health and Safety Magazine’s 2012 “Power 101”. This award is given to 101 individuals who display leadership in the safety industry and were selected on a number of criteria, including several leadership abilities and contribution efforts to the safety industry. Summit is honored to have our president, founder, and CEO presented with this membership. With 30+ years of experience, Valerie was awarded the ASSE Foundation’s 2011 Distinguished Service Award for her fundraising work on the board 2003-2008 and her company’s ongoing fundraising activity.  continue >>
  NEW Interactive, elearning Course GHS: Chemical Labeling & Classifcation Teaches Workers Critical Information About the New GHS Standard 9/28/2011
  Grand Rapids, MI- To help companies understand and stay in compliance with the Globally Harmonized System standard regarding the universal handling instructions for hazardous chemicals, Summit Training Source has released a highly interactive, engaging online training course, “GHS: Chemical Labeling & Classification”.  continue >>
  Over 50 new Online Foreign Language EH&S Training Courses Available From Summit Training Source 9/28/2011
  Grand Rapids, MI – Summit training Source will release over 50 new online foreign language safety and compliance training courses. On October 1st, 2011, 10 core safety and compliance training titles will be available in French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish.  continue >>
  Summit Training Source Receives Award from Occupational Health and Safety Magazine for New Product of the Year 9/22/2011
  Grand Rapids, MI – Summit Training Source, a safety training innovator for over 30 years, is pleased to be the recipient of the Occupational Health and Safety Magazine New Product of the Year Award for the revolutionary distracted driving video training program entitled, “Forever & Ever: The Lasting Consequences of Distracted Driving”.  continue >>
  Top selling DOT/CSA: Profiled in Safety Training Program Now Available in Interactive Online Format from Summit. 8/23/2011
  Grand Rapids, MI- Summit’s top selling video training production, DOT/CSA: Profiled in Safety, is now available in Summit’s interactive, online training format.  continue >>
  NEW DVD Training program Crane Operations: Hand Signals from Summit Training Source 7/12/2011
  Between 80,000 and 100,000 cranes are being used in general industries; leaving approximately 250,000 crane operators and industry workers who are at risk of suffering serious injury or death in crane accidents each year.  continue >>
  Summit Training Source President & CEO Recieves 2011 ASSE Foundation Distinguished Service Award 6/27/2011
  Grand Rapids, MI – The American Society of Safety Engineers’ Foundation (ASSEF) recently announced Valerie Overheul, President, CEO and Founder of Summit Training Source Inc. of Grand Rapids, MI, as the recipient of this year’s Distinguished Service Award. Overheul’s leadership, dedication and commitment to the safety profession have been a winning combination for the profession and the Foundation.  continue >>